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Packing Tips - Stress Free Storage

Making sure that you get the right storage unit for your needs will save you money and hassle. Here at Maidenhead Self Store, we pride ourselves on matching the right space to the customer’s needs but there are a number of things to consider if you’re looking for storage options, with us or elsewhere.

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1. How much space do I need?

It’s incredibly hard to look at a home or office space and imagine everything neatly boxed up and stacked away out of sight. Knowing how much space you’re going to need can involve a lot of measuring and, in many cases, hopeful guesswork. To make things easier for our customers we created the Room Size Checker - a really simple way to translate the amount of space in your home to the condensed space of a storage unit.

2. Do I need access to my items?

If you need to pop in and out to check on items or to take things away one at a time, then you need regular access to your storage unit at times to suit you. Not every facility offers this, so make sure you check. At Maidenhead Self Store you’ll be furnished with a key you padlock the unit yourself which allows you to come and go as you need during our opening hours.

3. Can I maximise the space to get the most for my money?

Having worked out how much space you need for all your items, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can often make use of a smaller storage unit if you have shelving. Shelves can also make it easier to locate specific items, as long as you’ve labelled everything clearly!

4. How easy it is to get stuff in and out of my storage unit?

You’ve chosen the right size storage unit, worked out how much access you need and identified racking to make the most of the space, now how do you get your stuff in there? Always ask if you need to provide your own ways of moving items. For example, we provide our customers with cage trucks, trollies and barrows free of charge so that they can easily move their items in and out of their storage unit.

5. Do I need insurance?

If you’re storing very valuable or irreplaceable items, then it’s always worth considering insuring them. Specialist storage insurance is available at a reasonable price and ensures that your items are covered.

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