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Packing Tips - Packing Fragile Items

Often the most stressful part of packing and unpacking is tackling the delicate things. These are also quite often the most valuable things you’ll pack, so extra care needs to be taken. However, with the right materials and careful planning, you can easily and safely pack and store your delicate items with the minimum of fuss.

Photo: Packing fragile items. Wine glasses and bubblewrap

1. Get the right materials

For glass in particular, it’s important to make sure that you have a good quantity of paper or bubble wrap, tape and cardboard. Work on the floor with everything you need in easy reach and a strong storage box ready. Check out our packaging materials to get all the items you need.

2. Reach for the bubble wrap

Not only is it fun to pop, it’s your best friend when packaging fragile items. Place the bubble wrap bubble side down so that the smooth surface is in contact with the item as this will help it to cling.

3. Completely cover your item

Bubble wrap isn’t hugely expensive, so don’t ration it. Completely cover your item all round and then tape it securely before packing it away in your storage box. Using plenty of bubble wrap will prevent items from moving around and hitting each other. You should also make sure that you fill any space between items with more wrap.

4. Label that box clearly

However well wrapped and secure your delicate items are you still don’t want them thrown around. Make sure that you label your box as “Fragile”. You can get special Fragile tape or just mark the box. Remember to write on all surfaces so that no matter what way the box is facing the person moving it knows to take care.

5. Consider insurance

As delicate items are also often your most valuable ones, it’s worth thinking about getting them insured while they are being stored. We offer insurance at just £2.60 per month per £1,000 insurance.

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